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If we think of the douchebag as a social identity as much as an accusation, as a subject with a distinctive persona locatable within the categories of race, class, gender and sexuality, then we find that the term carries a remarkably precise definition.
The douchebag is someone — overwhelmingly white, rich, heterosexual males — who insist upon, nay, demand their white male privilege in every possible set and setting.
The douchebag is always a white guy. But he is more than that. The douchebag is the demanding 1%, and the far more numerically significant class of white, heterosexist men who ape and aspire to be them. Wall Street guys are douchebags to be sure, but so is anyone looking to cash in on his white male privilege.
This narrowness of categorization — perhaps unique in the history of America’s rich history of racial and sexual slurs — is what makes the word douchebag such a potentially useful political tool.

Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For — Medium

This is a great, interesting, insightful, long read.

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The vitriolic reaction far outweighs the content. If we are going to be honest about what I do, if we explain the academic language around it, it’s really rather boring. I like to think that I make interesting, engaging videos that aren’t as boring as all that, but… [laughs]. It’s straightforward textual analysis. I’m looking at patterns and presenting evidence and arguments to back up those claims. That’s what I do! [Laughs] And the reaction is like I’m trying to say that all games are bad, or all games should be taken away, or that these games shouldn’t exist, instead of “Hey, we are complex and intelligent creatures and we can hold multiple ideas in our heads at the same time.” We can be critical of the things that we love. That is possible.
Anita Sarkeesian on GamerGate: ‘We’re Going to Fix This’ | Rolling Stone (via mordicaifeed)



This, quite frankly, utterly spectacular display of hairy costumes is known as Kukeri. The short version is that it’s a Bulgarian tradition to scare away evil spirits. The long version you can find here:

I’m off to Bulgaria to participate in the design week. Unfortunately kukeri usually takes place in January, so I’ll miss out on that! But I will be doing a workshop with my (fabulous) product designer collaborator Marina Dragomirova, so if you happen to be in the area please do pop in! 

Oh and one of our 3D sketches affectionately goes by the nickname “hairy guy” so I think that ties this post up rather nicely.

So this is a thing.

As far a white identities go, the douchebag stands in opposition to another growing white identity that, I beleive, is getting a bad rap: the Hipster. We may be familiar with the personal style of the hipster, but in terms of their social position, the hipster represents a distinct generational / economic class of the over-educated and under-employed. From this position, on the cool edge of the class division, the hipster adopts an ironic stance towards white privilege. Rather than affect the corporate privilege position of the douchebag, the hipster adopts the ethos of craft labor, whether digital or manual, productive or service, while appropriating the identifying self markings (tattoos, piercings, beards, inexplicably tight pants, track bikes, etc.) of those communities traditionally ostracized by middle class and elite white communities (criminals, bohemians, sailors, lumberjacks, miners, immigrants, homosexuals, bike messengers etc). The hipster not only rejects her privilege through the strategic use of lip piercings and neck tattoos, but she stands with sneering disdain at the world’s underutilization of her own cultural capital.

While the hipster’s “ironic racism” can be the subject of justifiable criticism, they nonetheless stand apart from the douchebag whose racism is unambiguous, whose sexism is embedded and whose class privilege is deliberately noxious.

A common critique of the hipsters — indeed a confusion of the hipster and douchebag — is that they, the hipsters, serve as the thin edge of the wedge of gentrification. But this is, to my mind, unfair. Broke-ass twenty-somethings crushed under the weight of student loan payments and low earning potential in a crap economy have to live somewhere cheap. And given that the hipster is totally ok with living in racially diverse neighborhoods, they often find themselves cast into the role of pioneers of whiteness in Washington Heights or West Oakland. However, it takes a douchebag to see the financial profit to be gained in pushing poor people of color out of their homes. The hipster brings art, coffee and cocktails to a neighborhood, the douchebag brings reconstruction contractors, private security and real estate agents. The hipster seeks community, the douchebag seeks urban rental profits. The hipster might start a coffee shop in a poor, black neighborhood, but the douchebag wants to call the cops on the black men on the corner right after he turns your indy coffee shop into a Starbucks.

Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For — Medium (via mordicaifeed)
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